Love at first sight

We saw each other when it was all dark.
You were barely visible, yet created a spark.
For that time, all my thoughts had you.
I wished we could talk, but my luck had another story to embark.

I saw you again, you instantly caught my eye.
For a moment you looked at me and so did I.
I wanted to talk, but damn my luck. Its a murderer.
I prayed to be with you just once before I die.

Death of my emotions was near and surprisingly you reappear.
My world brightened again, Oh dear!
We shared endless moments together, no words can portray.
But they too ended soon. Left me with memories sheer.

Give me My Love


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Shatter me into several pieces of pain
Cut me through again and again
But give me my love, I long for it
Memories have dried up, let it rain

Smash me off or kill me everyday
Drag me to the cliff and throw me away
But let me hold my love for this moment
For all my sins, I’ll then pay

Crush me to death for my insanity
Be harsh as never before, kill your humanity
But let me fall in love this day
I’ll return back for my end, it’s a profanity

A Sweet Strange Friend


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A sweet strange friend
Unknown, Unless i tend to know
Un-despicable, Oh I value her so much
Whats so unusual that we seem to be so close
Whats so withering about it towards my pain

A sweet strange friend
Beautiful, Unless I want to take a glance
Un-Procrastinated, Oh she compells me to
Is she real? or a part of my thoughts
Whats so special about her, About this fraught.

END of Love


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Blissful smile on your face
Don’t know how tears paved in their way
Walking while holding hands like love birds
Don’t know why we went away
I agree I made mistakes, I made it all difficult
But leaving me was not a solution, anyway.

Preaching messages of historical lovers
Don’t know why it came to an end
Living together like made for each other
Don’t know how became full of errands
Life was hard and so was being with me
But better than cursing was to mend

Life-long true love vanished in moments
Don’t know why it pains again and again
Our relationship shattered into tears
Don’t know why prioritizing was you aim
Here I’m now, I’m a nobody without your love
With teary eyes, keeping memories that drive me insane

Decade of Decay

Burning shadows of ice baked hands
Ripping off the inhuman faith glands
No place for a moment of a calm solitude
It’s the new generation with the new attitude

Chilling feelings which the numbness proclaims
Selfish practical dealings, Everyone aims
No one can call this era, ‘a life-ful pathway’
Addiction bounds everyone, No one goes away

Cut short smiles, Aggression persists for a longer while
Thinking deep but working on shallow miles
The Decade of Decay brings to this world just pain
Everyone has adapted, All are slaves without gain

Everything is Passing by

Sweet memories, Sweeter dreams
When all turn to a sour cream
Don’t cry over it, Don’t panic
Everything is passing by, It’s tragic

Close friends, Closer dear ones
When take back steps at once
Don’t get obsessed, Don’t suppress
Everything is passing by, I’m bit depressed

Long roads, Longer shadows
When seem to fade off like snows
Don’t ever care, Don’t get carried by strides
Everything is passing by, Taking another side

Unfelt love, Unfelt care
When is unconsidered, Never err
Don’t long for it, Don’t crave for it
Everything is passing by, Please Don’t Quit

Fading away lives, Fading away life
When makes you weaken as expected it’s rife
Don’t bear the pain, Don’t lose your will
Everything is passing by, if not, then one day it will

I’m not a Poet

This place, this time
I tend to realize in my mind
That few things aren’t meant for me
Few things never happy me
Few things, I don’t care for
Few things, I never crave for
I feel all this now at this point
But yelling all of it is no point

This era, this atmosphere
I think I need to adhere
To the worldly set rules
The ones that are bit cruel
I don’t care now what people say
I feel it’s my time to say
But it isn’t the end as yet
I must confess I’m not a poet



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When you want life to fade away
When desires are burnt to fray
Think about what impact you’ll make on others
Think before you commit blunders, this day

When you feel that life’s now a waste
When recurring pains gives a sourer taste
Strengthen yourself, Fight back all the hardships
Reprise is needed today, not haste

When things seem to be rigid and hard to follow
When your own soul appears indecent & hollow
Don’t panic, You’re too becoming a part of this cruel land
Things won’t melancholise then. They won’t be this hard to swallow.

My Awful Work


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Those boring lines of mine
The ones that never got below anyone’s spine
Those idiotic sayings and thoughts
The Ones that discuss about do’s and do not’s
They don’t deserve to be called “masterpieces”
They never shatter hearts into pieces
They are treated as crap as they deserve
And thats why I’m frank, not reserved

Those clumsy love poems
Which sound more of ‘meant-for-girls Hymns’
Those irritating convey through letters
The ones that pretended to feel, never utters
Are in real, the real shit
I think I should never give them another hit
I’m sure I’m never gonna try that
I’ll surely sit and write but no write-ups like that

Missing Strength


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That missing love from my heart
That glass like hopes which broke into parts
I remember all of it, from the end to start
Wished that life could have been a better tart

That missing dream from my mind
Which make me break and I declined
I yearn for the times I was defined
Now its all bad, I can see but I’m blind

That missing knowledge from my brain
That incomplete ones which gave me strain
I wish I could gather some more again
These aren’t the monsoons, this is mere rain

That missing strength from my soul
That weak person who was once very buol
I long for what played an important role
But still I’ll strive to be better on the whole


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