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On the shores of loneliness
Where my soul craves for yours
I hit the ground hard, every moment
Like the waves which lash the sea coarse

On the sacred land of freedom
Where the soldier is mightier than the king
I remember till you my last breadth
Like a brave hero who misses his family at the battle ring

On the heavenly sky of love
From where the gods control the earth
I stare at it as if your face is engraved on it
Just like the curious man who search in the earth’s girth

On the devil sands of betrayal
Where there is only thorns and dryness all over
I weep all day and night and soon leave
Just like the thirsty traveler for whom life may be over

On the mighty rocks of enthusiasm
where the mountains are placed
I stand again and live this life
Just like the forest habitat who survive even when it’s erased